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Public & Private spheres shaped the social geography of British cities (Essay Sample)


To establish how gendered divisions have shaped the British cities


Ways in which gendered division of the public and private spheres shaped the social geography of British cities.
Gendered division has been a point of profiling the society for the longest time, even though it is not based on any research or theory but a product of typecasts patriarchy and the customs of the society that the society has supposedly divided the gender. (Beebeejuan 2017) notes that gender is still an ignored topic for theory and practice when it comes to the shaping of cities in many regions in the world. People’s everyday routines are defined by how they live and pass through private and public spaces, which dictate how they feel and behave. Depending on the environment, one may feel comfortable or at ease or the need to be cautious and careful and their mental or behavioral state at all times depends on whether they are alone, with their friends and relatives or in the midst of strangers. According to (Madanipour 2003), villages, towns and cities are designed around a separation of public and private spaces and this is the major defining feature of how a society subdivides its space into private and public circles, and how these divisions pedals movement from one abode to another and access to activities and places. In this paper, we shall focus on how these aspects has shaped the class, age, gender, sexual orientation, region and mapping where various groups are concentrated in the British cities.

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