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Stigma and Mental Illness Recovery Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


critical reflection on how stigma influences the recovery of people with mental illness.


Stigma and Mental Illness Recovery
Stigma and Mental Illness Recovery
I have come to learn that there are very many people in the world suffering from mental disorders; however, this has been underestimated for years now. Mental illness, also called psychological disorders, refers to a wide range of mental conditions that affect the thinking, behavior, and mood of the patients. The common types of mental disorders are anxiety disorder, depression, bipolar, addictive behaviors, dementia, and Schizophrenia. According to WHO (2019), 264 million people in the world suffer from depression, 45 million people are affected by bipolar disorder, and while Schizophrenia affects about 20 million people annually worldwide. This implies that the burden of mental illness globally cannot be underestimated, and therefore, the medics and physicians all over the world are making efforts to treat the patients. However, the recovery has not been effective as expected, and stigma has been identified as one of the major barriers to the recovery process. In this task, I am going to give a critical reflection on how stigma influences the recovery of people with mental illness. I divided the task into three major sections, namely, critical analysis of stigma, healing, and the influence of stigma on the recovery of mental illness. 

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