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The Backstory at Film Production (Essay Sample)


The task was about appropriate ways of film production in consideration to light. the sample is about the best way light can be utilized in film production.


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Production Theory
Every film goes through several phases before it is released to the public. There is also the financial aspect of filmmaking to consider. If a person is interested in learning about film production, they will be aware that there are various stages involved in the creation of a film. Though there is more to producing a big-budget studio film than a smaller, independent one, all producers must deal with the five stages of film production. Each process has a particular function, with the objective of effectively completing each phase and, eventually, completing a successful delivery. Creation, pre-production, production, post-production, and distribution are the stages involved. Consequently, for me to ensure my production is at the best quality, I will include several aspects which include lighting, the inverse square law and picture considerations.
Lighting considerations in the production
There are so often several moving pieces that it's common for filmmakers to overlook some of them when it comes to video making. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of video creation that is often overlooked. Light is one of the first aspects that a small budget works to cut or ignore, and it's no surprise that lousy visibility is one of the best tells when it comes to spotting low-budget jobs. In a creepy horror film, spectacular lighting can make and break a scene. It wouldn't be inspirational if I were to show a girl attempting to flee a haunted house that's been lit up like a room. While many people believe that lighting is only essential in extreme cases such as horror movies, there are both artistic expressions to set the perfect mood for my filmmaking. However, it is a short company or sales shot. For a quality video like that, I would want a brilliant but warm and welcoming light to showcase my work and aid market your stuff (Box). Paying close consideration to light and atmosphere will help me avoid ruining a comic moment with too-dark lighting, casting doubt on my character with darkness, or even sabotaging my storyline.
A lighting consideration I will need to look includes is filling light. At any stage, leading lights shed shadows. As a result, a fill light may be used to enhance these shadows. The fill light is located at the end of the leading light and is frequently not light as the key. Since the fill light tends to remove shadows created by the leading light, I'll make sure mine is indistinctive and doesn't cast its shadows or have other peculiarities. If I want to produce fewer clouds, I'll move my fill light closer to the camera. If no other light resources are accessible, reflectors may be used to generate a fill light. Light hits the reflector and bounces back onto my subject. Sidelight and practical lights will also be considered for quality production. Side lighting is used to create a dynamic or chiaroscuro atmosphere. I can produce chiaroscuro effects by mixing high contrast and light-hearted. During the film noir era, this was a standard technique used by directors. I'll cast my sidelight lacking fill or with a lower fill ratio to create a dramatic effect. When I want to show texture, a sidelight is a perfect option. Inside the scene, realistic lighting is employed. It is shown on the projector (Millerson). A TV box, a household torch, police lamps, and candles are also examples of practical lighting. Practical lamps with a dimmer feature are a popular method in filmmaking.

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