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ETHICS OF ASSISTED SUICIDE Biological & Biomedical Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


Explain negative sides of ASSISTED SUICIDE and why it should be discouraged


Assisted suicide is a suicide taken with the help of another person ( physician) or any other healthcare provider. The action is undertaken once it is determined that the patient's health situation qualifies for physician-assisted suicide. In most jurisdiction, helping a patient to die ( physical assisted suicide ) is a crime. However, in some cases, physician-assisted suicide is legal in some countries under some conditions. Such countries include Victoria ( Australia), Belgium, Canada, and parts of the United States.
In most cases, assisted suicide serves the same purpose as euthanasia, causing an individual's death. Assisted suicide has been very controversial in most countries in the world. In the United States, this type of killing can occur when a doctor or physician provides a vital means or information that facilitates a patient's choice to end his or her life. This article will thus analyze the views of the ethics of the assisted suicide in hospital CITATION KYu13 \p 340 \l 1033 (Yuill 340). God provides life; therefore, it is sacred, and nobody should take it away. Thus, it is highly unethical to conduct assisted suicide on any patient in hospitals in this article.
It is unethical to conduct assisted suicide since most states are against this type of activity is against the law. For such a country if any doctor or a physician conduct this act, he or she will have to face the law of the land. Some penalties may also be imposed, including loss of the certificate of practice and getting sued. In the United States, there are only two states where assisted suicide is legal under some conditions; these states include Oregon and Washington. Some doctors and physicians are not okay with assisting a patient to die, but that is actually not an issue. In the United States, if a doctor or a physician under any condition tries to undertake assisted suicide in a state where this practice is illegal, then it will result in severe legal impact, this according to the Senate bill 803which protect the actions of the assisted suicideCITATION Mic15 \p 489 \l 1033 (Cholbi 489).

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