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Importance of Genetically Modified Crops Biological & Biomedical Essay (Essay Sample)


opic: Do you believe farmers should be allowed to produce genetically modified crops? Why or why not?
Write five full pages, no more and no less.
Use double spacing and 12-point Times New Roman font.
Format your document with 1” margins on all sides.
Include in-text citations.
Use two to four scholarly sources (journal articles, academic books).
Place your references on a separate Works Cited page.
Follow the MLA 8 style guide.


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Importance of Genetically Modified Crops
I believe that farmers should be allowed to produce genetically modified crops due to the agricultural world's latest developments for the required sustainability. This is because agricultural genetic engineering enhances nutrient composition, increases crop yields, reduces the need for pesticides, reduces the costs for drug and crop production, accompanied by medical benefits to the growing world population (Anderson et al. 24). Genetic engineering is the act of manipulating artificial seeds at the cellular level, allowing DNA from one type of plant by introducing it to the other plant that is not related. Moreover, most GMO crops mature fast and tolerate frost, drought, salt, boron, aluminum, and other environmental factors, which has allowed plants and crops to grow in conditions where they might not otherwise flourish. Farmers can also use genetic engineering to produce bioplastic or ornamental plants (Smyth 80). Controlling the runoff, raised farmers' income, improved crop production, reduced use of insecticides and pesticides, rapidly increased population, and increased production in a small area are the primary reasons why I believe that farmers should be allowed to produce genetically modified crops.
Controlling the runoff polluting the systems of water is a result of minimal use of highly toxic herbicides and chemical insecticides. Moreover, the loss of the topsoil is reduced by mechanical weeding. Thus, the food production cost is lower since production cost is minimal because of the reduced chemical applied (Anderson et al. 24). On the other hand, it creates employment in developing countries since more workers are required to harvest Bt crops. The study shows that this crop produces eighty-two percent of the income of the household with a small farm as compared to conventional cotton hence raising the welfare of the economy. In developing countries and rural areas, the widespread production of GMO improves the health of individuals, as well as raising the economy.

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