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Skills Approach Of Leadership Self Assessment (Essay Sample)


trait approach and skills approach of leadership self assessment

In our daily living, one cannot fully function without a medical specialist. We need them from the moment we are born, go to school, get a job, retirement till our death. Many do not appreciate the various roles the nurses especially play in the various medical institutions from in the hospitals, schools and work places. Their ability to expertly identify what is ailing patients from a layman’s description can vividly display the dedication towards enhancing or wellbeing. However, being human, the nurses and their nurse managers are faced with the stresses of having a job. Absenteeism, poor performance, burnout and personal issues are some of the issues staff nurses face in a daily basis due to the amount and kind of work they carry out. They can be explored further using the Trait theory and Skill theory. Thus, such factors are to be taken into consideration and monitored to avoid underperformance of staff.
Nurse Managers have taken the initiative to seek understanding from the staff themselves on which reasons could lead to such poor performance. They have realized that staff have ordinary lives and may be faced with personal and professional problems. Personal problems are usually detected when staff start abusing drugs, depression, obesity or anorexic and poor concentration when dealing with patients. The traits theory explains that any person who does not have satisfaction in life will eventually be reflected in his/her working environment. In skill theory, it is mostly work related. Staff nurses may having poor work standards, absenteeism, using vulgar language and harassment towards other staff members.
With these theories, analysis of the problems and deriving solutions become easier as the problems are taken in the personal and professional approach. Here, nurse managers are able to offer or hire counselling sessions when a staff is going through a difficult medical issue. When a nurse begins to underperform and make repeated medical errors when conducting consultation services, a manager may come up with a set of rules and guidelines on how to best carry out consultation services to a patient. Their leadership and guidance to new and existing staff is crucial in ensuring high level standards in a medical institution. However, there may be some situations that these approaches may not apply fully or fail inevitably. A staff nurse who may have been suspected to cause death upon a patient during an operation due to negligence and ignorance, may have to be terminated completely and their medical license revoked. Nurse Managers must not forget to praise and affirm staff who stand out and follow standards that the medical institution hold in great regard. Such incentives may boost their overall performance and their job satisfaction.
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