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Life Sciences And Organ Transplant Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


You will read one article from post a writeup to the D2L discussion board.
For your posts, you should include the following:
• A citation (include a link please).
• A one or two sentence summary of the article.
• Why you picked it/why you thought it was interesting.
• A critique of the research or a benefit of the research to society.

Organ Transplant
Beil Laura. “Organ waiting list policy benefits the wealthy, study charges.” Magazine of theSociety for Science and the Public. Science News./article/organ-waiting-list-policy-benefits-wealthy-studycharges
At some point in life, some people need an organ transplant if one of their organs fails. This may result due to an illness or injury. When organs are being transplanted, doctors remove an organ from a donor individual to the individual who needs the organ. The organs may come from a donor who is a live or who has died. Some of the organs that are transplanted include kidneys, heart, and liver. The individuals who need the organs have to wait for a long time since the doctors have to match the donors with the recipients to reduce the risks of transplant rejection.
The article talks about the organ waiting list policy that requires those who need organ transplant to wait on a list until their time reaches. The new changes in the policy require that the recipients may get on the waiting list in multiple centers. They will have to travel to different centers so that they can get to the waiting list. This may cause disparities in organ transplant since those who do not have enough money to travel to the centers may not get the transplants. Only those who are wealthy will be...
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