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Discuss Possibility to Manipulate or Change the DNA (Essay Sample)


write an essay; Is it possible to manipulate or change the DNA that is within us?


Is it possible to manipulate or change the DNA that is within us?
The DNA that we were born with will not determine the type of health and personal wellbeing that we ought to portray. Science has proved beyond reasonable doubt that the inborn DNA can still be manipulated. There are two concepts that are significant in understanding DNA that individuals have. One of the primary concept is the genetic determinism which literally refers to the physical and physiological traits that individuals have. This aspect shows the way in which individuals are controlled by genetic codes (Pohl, and Thomas 380). Genes makes people to follow a particular aspects that seems beyond their ability to change. However, laboratory tests that have been undertaken shows that this is not true. Genes can be manipulated.
Changing DNA through intention
Epigenetics encompasses that DNA is not the final element that individuals might have, but rather, other factors such as environment and life experiences are also significant. The experiences that people obtain from their love life, anxiety and personal appreciation can influence a person to change his or her genetic makeups. In most cases, individuals will develop a positive mental attitude towards various aspects. Individuals will critically evaluate the need for them to change their DNA by being contended with the change. Intention the person have will make him or her to appreciate life after the change. When people are stressed up, the state of body repair and rebuilding will be interfered. It is always advisable for people to maintain proper state of care, personal appreciation and love. Having a positive emotion will increase the energy level boosting the DNA (Akao et al., 216).
In summary, manipulating the DNA will depend with personal contentment and the ability to accept the change. It...
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