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Silent Spring Book Review (Essay Sample)


The instructor was looking for a review of the issues presented in the reading attached. What examples are given. How well substantiated are they?
Silent Spring is a book written by Rachel Carson in 1962 outlining environmental changes caused by the use of pesticides to living things due to advancement in technology.


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Silent Spring Review
Silent Spring is a book written by Rachel Carson in 1962. It outlines environmental changes caused by the use of pesticides. Carson views that nature was interconnected before the use of chemicals to control pests and animals. However, after World War II, humans started manufacturing pesticides to control the insect population, contributing to changes in the ecosystem. The use of chemicals has led to negative effects on nature, such as pollution and the emergence of diseases. The main issues raised in the book include the interconnection between living things, changes to the environment due to chemical use and advancement in technology, and the need for accountability to safeguard nature.
One of the issues raised in the book is the interconnectedness of nature. Carson challenges the notion that human beings should use and control nature to benefit (Carson 10). She views that human ability and the desire to control nature are recent. Based on her argument, nature has been interconnected since time immemorial; living things and their surroundings interact. For instance, in the past, along the roads, viburnum, laurel, and wildflowers delighted human beings throughout the year due to the existence of birds and animals that interacted with them, unlike in modern time (12). The mutual relationship between man and nature contributed to the growth of the ecosystem. However, in the recent century, people acquired significant power to alter nature. The use of human supremacy irresponsibly has led to an imbalance between living things.
The alteration of the environment using technological advancements and chemicals was also raised in the Silent Spring. According to Carson, the ability of human beings to control the environment led to the production of chemicals designed to kill specific insects or animal species (Carson 100). For example, farmers and governments in different parts of the world have been advocating for the development and production of pesticides to eradicate pests. Unfortunately, some pesticides failed to control the animals and pests they were intended, leading to pollution. In modern times, diphenyl-trichloro-ethane (DDT) pesticides are used to control pests. However, it has been proven to be poisonous (Carson 102). As argued by Carson, when DDT pesticides are spread aerially, they are dangerous. They are associated with unwanted results to the person exposed. The side effects are impossible to control, and, in most cases, they result in tragic events such as contracting chronic diseases such as cancer, which ultimately lead to death (Carson 94). Harmful chemicals from pesticides can also pollute water, leading to the destruction of aquatic life and animals that depend on fish or food.
In Silent Spring, the need for responsibility to protect nature was also highlighted. Carson argued that it is impeccable to control insects and pests. However, the method employed should specifically destroy the pests and insects and not risk human beings and other animals (C

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