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Positioning and Repositioning of Burberry’s Brand Business Essay (Essay Sample)


Burberry’s Brand case study


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Positioning and Repositioning of Burberry’s Brand
The case study shows that Burberry plans to advance its market. It intends to achieve this through firm repositioning in the luxuries industry and warranting that the price architecture enables the company to design consumer packaged goods that match the consumers' preferences and demand. Similarly, the company intends to scale down its sales as an approach to reposition itself in the market. Positioning and repositioning are very crucial to a business. First and most importantly, the moves make help the company to be market-oriented. This implies that the firm is capable of evaluating and analyzing the market forces and make the required changes to profit outstandingly from the market variations. Such market changes have been discussed in the case study where the luxury brands showed a good performance in 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 due to weak Sterling together with growth in United Kingdom tourism. However, in the second quarter of 2017, the Sterling had steadied, which led to a decline in growth for the firms.
Product Repositioning
This type of repositioning concerns changing aspects like product use, the main benefits of the product, and competitive advantages or changing the target market of a good or service. In other words, it tailors a company’s goods to suit consumers. Therefore, positioning and repositioning are essential when it comes to reducing competition. When the firm advances the market and tactically repositions in line with the needs of the customer; It is continuously an added advantage that allows the company to avoid competition from other companies in the same industry CITATION Mus09 \l 1033 (Karadeniz). Givenchi, LVMHs, and Mulberry are among the major competitors of Burberry in the market. Nevertheless, Burberry is careful not to overprice their products after moving up the market. Mulberry did that, which made it lose a considerable market share since some customers could not afford the high prices introduced by the company. Hence, positioning and repositioning is an important strategy that allows marketers to match the competition in the market, particularly when competitors change their operations. Equally, the approach aids the firm in meeting the ever-changing preferences of customers.

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