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Discussion: How A Digital Portfolio Can Be Used For A Technology Coach (Essay Sample)


Discuss how a digital portfolio can be used for a Technology Coach to showcase they have mastered ISTE C Standards by:
-Develop, communicate, and implement a shared vision for the comprehensive use of technology to support a digital age education for all students.
-Plan, develop, communicate, implement, and evaluate technology-infused strategic plans at the district and school levels.
-Advocate for policies, procedures, programs, and funding strategies to support implementation of the shared vision represented in the school and district technology plans and guidelines in support of student learning and teaching.
Implement strategies for initiating and sustaining technology innovations and manage the change process in schools and classrooms. (Responsible Use Letter)
-Collaborate with teachers and administrators to select and evaluate digital tools and resources that enhance teaching and learning and are compatible with the school technology infrastructure.

Student’s Name: Professor’s Name: Course: Date: Digital Portfolio Technology has played a very important role in defining various sectors of a country’s economy. The current trends in education have provided for the use of digital portfolio to enable better delivery of services to the students. There is a number of ways that the district schools in the United States of America can do to adopt an effective technology coach model (Ermeling et al. 4). Also, technology can be used comprehensively to ensure that the students interact better with their teachers, fellow students, and even the course readings. Therefore, certain policies and procedures should be followed to ensure that sustainable technology is adopted. In this digital era, everyone is focusing on how they will implement strategies that will help the students prepare for the competitive future. This will include the implementation of digital learning and teaching, literacy, and curriculum among others (Bentley). Today, graduates need to enter a more competitive workforce that requires critical thinking and adequate knowledge on how to solve problems using the different technological methods. Therefore, teachers need to be flexible and adaptable to any new technological trend. The teachers can prepare their students for the job market by including employability in the curriculum. This kind of technology will ensure that the students are aware of how the workplace environment looks like. Also, they will be well informed on what is expected of them after they complete their studies. The program will also provide for an assessment that will make direct feedback accessible to the instructors who can hence know when and how to assist a given individual. This will ensure that the school provides a technology-enhanced environment. Most of the district schools in the United States of America have tried without much success to find the most effective strategies to integrate technology into the classroom. Significant sums of money have been spent by districts in the attempt to purchase classroom technology that will benefit the children. One of the most effective ways that these schools can decide to implement a workable plan is to include a detailed job description that will bring out clearly the expected role of a technology coach. Once the individual proves to be worth the job, he or she should then be subjected to an effective and interacting training program to ensure that the required skills and knowledge are present. The main reason behind this is that from experience, many of the employed coaches are good at technology but lack the required leadership skills. Therefore, they will not be able to deliver the expected standards to the students. The plans are easily developed until when the implementation stage arrives. The main reason is that the coaches are not for free. The lack of sustainable funding has become a very big challenge to many district schools since they are not able to maintain their coaches. Due to the limited resources, the schools end up having misplaced priorities as they will choose other things over the implementation of classroom technology. It would therefore be advisable that technology companies such as Dell and Microsoft come together to help finance these projects in the public schools. Also, the government should ensure that enough funding is secured for the schools during the drafting of the national budget. Technology coaches should make sure that all the activities they do in schools are aimed at developing ways that will make innovations sustainable in the competitive market (Reeves 59). Therefore, they should always build an environment characterized by innovation and change. The teachers and students should change their static ways of doing and handling things to the flexible methods that will enable them to develop. This will ensure that they learn new things every day, which will help save the world. Therefore, teachers should be enrolled in professional learning courses that will assist them in developing ways that will change their students. A successful technological tool will not depend on the co...
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