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Aerodynamics Engineering Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


different types of engines ae used in planes. The paper was a comparison between turboprops and jet engines and their effects on aerodynamics. The paper also looked at the situations and circumstances that dictate which engine to use and why in a particular aircraft.


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Commuter airlines today use power-producing aircraft, turboprops, for their shorter routes and thrust-producing aircraft, jets, for their longer routes because of numerous reasons. Thrust is a force which is applied over a distance to do work. For work to be done, energy needs to be transferred. The rate at which energy is transferred is referred to as power. Aerodynamically, all aircraft usually produce thrust as they need to overcome 'drag' of the aircraft to lift. This thrust is engine-produced in thrust-producing aircraft and turbo-jets. Thrust is not engine-produced in aircraft that use rotors or propellers (Holda, Conrad, Behnam, and Mark 144). The latter aircraft are referred to as power producers as the propellers are turned by the power produced.
When the propellers are turned through the air, an aerodynamic force is developed. This aerodynamic force is referred to as thrust. Aircraft that produce power require a flatter thrust curve compared to aircraft that produce thrust. This means turboprops can efficiently operate near stalls without having to require power settings that are extremely high. Turboprops also use gas turbines that are less efficient but lighter in weight to create power. These gas turbines spin at very high speeds. A gearbox featured by the turboprop lowers the shaft’s speed to prevent the tips of the propeller from reaching supersonic speeds. Turboprops also retain very efficient propellers. This makes them quite low maintenance.

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