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Environmental Degradation - Cadillac Desert book analysis Essay (Essay Sample)


Each essay is to be based on a book selected by the student from the
book list. This essay is not a “book report” but rather a personal
analysis, critique, or commentary on what you learned and/or
agreed/disagreed with. Grading will include format, grammar, and
spelling. Essays to be printed
using Arial 12 point, double spaced, and shall be one complete page
(maximum and minimum of 1 page – 1 side of 1 piece of paper). No title
page is allowed. Citations are not required. The essays
must be the student’s own original work. Essays must be submitted in word format.
No course textbook is used. Each essay will be based upon a book to be
selected by each student
from the book list below. You will select 2 books (one for each essay).
Engineering Legends: Great American Civil Engineers (Weingardt) 2005, 165pp
Circles in the Sky: The Life and Times of George Ferris (Weingardt) 2009, 162pp
Women in Engineering: Pioneers and Trailblazers (Layne) 2009, 247pp
America Transformed: Engineering and Technology in the Nineteenth
Century (Herrin) 2002,
Designed for Dry Feet: Flood Protection and Land Reclamation in the
Netherlands (Hoeksema)
2006, 148pp
The Salton Sea: An Account of Harriman's fight with the Colorado River
(Kennan) 1917, 148pp
Cadillac Desert: The American West and Its Disappearing Water
(Reisner) 1984, 674pp
Silent Spring (Carson) 1962, 400pp
Earth in the Balance: Ecology and the Human Spirit (Gore) 1991, 407pp
An Inconvenient Truth: The Crisis of Global Warming (Gore) 2004, 192pp


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Professor’s Name:
Cadillac desert
Cadillac Desert is authored by environmentalist Marc Reisner. It spurred a nationwide awareness on its first publication in 1986 about water conservation issues. Ideological dualism is contained in Cadillac Desert’s Book title. The first word illustrates luxury, victory, and boldness. With the later standing for an inhospitable place for most humans on the planet.
The book greatly dwells on the social history of water politics and the destruction of the environment due to dams’ construction in the United States. It exposes how political influence ensured that the deserts towards the west received water by pork belly legislation and the rivalry that existed between Corp of Engineers and the Bureau of reclamation. People involved in dam building and rampant irrigation ignored John Wesley Powell’s warnings and Hohakam civilization’s disappearance. Reisner argues that William Mulholland who was Los Angeles Water Department Chief used sheer force in ensuring water is delivered to Los Angeles. Spies, subterfuge, and bribery form a fascinating account of how water was delivered from Colorado River to southern California a distance of over 600 miles that resulted in a population explosion in the area. All these efforts lead to costly water projects such as aqueducts and dams which

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