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Application of building information modelling. Engineering Essay (Essay Sample)


the paper examines the importance of BIm in building technology


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Why is BIM important?
At its essence, BIM is a collaboration tool used in building projects in generating and sharing information. BIM tools are closely associated with 3D building modeling software that allows all parties involved with the project to virtualize what the finished project will look like. The ability to generate realistic 3D models of the finished building allows all signatory parties including architects, consultants, contractors, and project owners to discuss potential issues and propose solutions before the problems emerge on site CITATION Con19 \l 1033 (Construction). By discovering and resolving problems beforehand, it is possible to save time, cost including the cost of rebuilding.
The process of successfully putting a structure requires harmony and an efficient working relationship between the design team and the construction team on the ground actualizing the design. BIM technologies allow the design team and the construction teams to work more efficiently. The 3D models produced by the design team before the construction team can initiate work on-site are used by the design team to give the construction team a conceptual idea of the finished structure. At this stage the construction team is given a chance to raise their concerns, which are addressed by the design team hence no extra cost of re-design and rebuilding CITATION Con19 \l 1033 (Construction).
Additionally, BIM tools and technologies are used to collect data throughout the project. The data can be analyzed to make the building process more efficient. The decision-making process is also based on BIM data. As stated early, BIM technologies gather data throughout the project; the data can be analyzed. Future decisions on the project including resource allocation, planning among others are based on previously collected data.

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