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How Elements are Arranged in the Periodic Table Engineering Essay (Essay Sample)


How elements are arranged in the periodic table.


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How Chemical Elements are classified in the Periodic Table.
The periodic chart has existed for over a century and contains over one hundred naturally occurring chemical elements. Despite its long existence, some factions are not well informed on how the chemical elements are arranged. This essay aims to fill this information gap and finds that: same-period elements have an equal number of electron shells and are classified according to rising valence electrons’ numbers. In contrast, same-group elements have an equal number of valence electrons and are classified according to rising electron shells’ numbers.
As mentioned, the periodic table contains over one hundred chemical elements that exist naturally. These elements are denoted by their names and chemical symbols (Lauren 7), making it possible for users to determine an element’s chemical symbol by looking it up. For instance, looking up sodium and Argon in the periodic table reveals that sodium’s chemical symbol is Na, while Argon’s is Ar. This exercise also reveals that there are two numbers written beside every chemical element, one is situated in the upper-left and the other in the lower left side of the symbol (Atomic Structure). The atomic number is the upper number, which equates to the element’s count of protons (Appendices 34). In contrast, the mass number is the lower number, which equates to the sum of the element’s protons and electrons (Lauren 3). These numbers are significant because they give clues of how elements are arranged in the table.

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