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Answer the following questions Engineering Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


1. Discuss the Role of the Architect through the design process in the eyes of the owner- and
what Value does Archie bring?
2. Discuss key project aspects that tie the Architect and Contractor team together and how are
their roles different but complementary?
Please cite specific references, articles, or lectures on a separate page. The essay should be 1.5 to 2 pages long. No heading is needed, I already have a cover page.


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Role of Architect and Contractor Team
Role of the Architect through the design process in the eyes of the owner
Architects are among the professionals who are incorporated in the construction field. Clients appoint architects to develop a design that meet the requirement that they have specified concerning a structure. Architects can visualize and creatively designing ideas for clients hence their satisfaction. When designing, architects play essential roles that may facilitate the addition of value to the construction project.
Architects have the role of designing various aspects of a project where they prepare sketch drawings to show the different layout of the structure, its location, and its surrounding. The developed design will be achieved when the client and architect agree on certain principles (Manu et al 101). Architects are required to submit a designed sketch early to avoid delay in the project. This will minimize errors that might occur during the implementation of the project.
When architects are incorporated into the project, they add value through various circumstances. For example, they help in improving productivity, efficiency, and functionality in a project. This is achieved by designing the location of different materials that may be required in a project, hence optimizing the space available at the site. This will improve workflow in the site and minimize accidents, hence increasing efficiency, productivity, and functionality in the project.
Key project aspects that tie the Architect and Contractor team together

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