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Report on Building Construction Site Visit in California (Essay Sample)


visit a construction site in your area and write a Report on Building Construction Site Visit about work safety


Report on Building Construction Site Visit in California
This report presents the observations made during the construction site visit at California. The observation was made out of specific environmental and health issues surrounding the construction site. The report entailed detail information about the safety of workers and general environmental problems relating to construction such as health, pollution, and drainage system among others. Some of the guidelines include security of that construction site and safety garments for the workers at the site.
Typically, the construction site management or contractors have done a great job in ensuring that workers are protected. An intensive observation showed that all workers had all the protective gears such as helmet, safety dust coats, gas mask and hand-arm vibration cloves that protect their body from harm and material handling manual handbook. The security of that construction site was upheld whereby the entire area is guarded or fenced using iron sheets. The open ditches are covered using solid materials such as wooden blocks and metals to avoid slipping and tripping. Mixture cans are covered and mortar produced with the help of tractor as a feeder. For those who are working at high heights, their security is well planned for as they use cranes to reach them to such lofty heights, thus reducing chances of falling. Also, all sources o

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