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A Well Connected Citizenry (Essay Sample)


Please answer each of the five below questions. Please do not copy or quote. one paragraph for each question. Thanks 1-Why does Gore consider two-way communication for citizens to be important for democracy? 2-Does he think that this two-way "conversation" should be between citizens and their government, or between citizens and other citizens? Or both? Why? 3-Gore considers the Internet to be a potential savior for democratic discourse. What is special about the Net that makes him think so? 4-Do Blogs contribute to this democratic discourse? How? 5-Why does Gore think that Net Neutrality is important to the future of democracy?

Question 1
During his tenure as USA vice president, Gore publicly pointed out that democracy was in it dead bed, which resulted from lack of public revelation. Further, public participation forms part of democracy. However, this is forfeited by leaders who choice to do things their way. Most importantly, voters’ right was shattered through bribery. Moreover, the gap between rich and poor keeps on widening, which indicates that public role in growth and development is not given priority. However, in instances when public discourse is endorsed, many people become conversant of how things are executed in the country. More so, courtesy of two-way free flow of information, citizens as well as government become well informed. This enables community to air their views thus protecting the basic rights. As such, members of public are aware of their rights as bestowed upon them by constitution. Nonetheless, information domination kills democracy (CommonDreams 2005).
Question 2
Gore believes that two-way communication should exist between both citizen and government. Through public participation, individuals communicate with their fellow citizen on the issues concerning them as guided by law and constitution. Moreover, this also happens through the help of print media, television, and internet thus enabling a wider coverage. Despite the fact that, it might be hard, to bring on board government representative in public forum, printing press, television, radio and telephone are ways to channel public concerns to the right authority. This creates a conduit of public and government participation.
Question 3
Internet is packaged with new media that have revolutionized democracy. This domino effects electronic democracy. Moreover, this form of disclosure has elevated political, cultural aspects and capitalism. However, in equality, electronic democracy has brought a significant change in political market place of idea. Moreover, it put forward new participatory chances directly to citizen, group, and institution. Further, member of public use internet media to gain access to political and government information as well as engage in community life. In fact, the growing trend in internet media is a game changer in democracy. Moreover, in this era of career state of mind, people can engage through posting comments in their comfort zones irrespective of demographic barrier.
Question 4
Blog is a by-product of internet, which perform three crucial roles that give democracy meaning including fifth parkland, blog as network, and as medium of expression. To begin with, courtesy of blog, public gets a chance to conduct checks and balance on government. This is expressed by individual ability and role as accorded to them by blog to share information, give different challenging opinion, and design new agenda. Similarly, through social networking, bloggers opinion rich numerous people hence, bringing the aspect of public globe. Moreover, in this context, blog becomes a mobilizing platform. Further, in countries that bear strict media c...
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