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Close Analysis of The Color Purple by Alice Walker (Essay Sample)


Paper Details Instructions
Paying close attention to such features as may be suitable, write a close analysis of the passage you have chosen. Briefly situate the passage within the narrative of the novel, and then using appropriate textual examples to support your points, comment on the literary features of the passage and their effect.
These features might include:
- point of view/narrative voice
- style e.g. sentence construction, language choice
- figurative language e.g. symbols, motifs, metaphors, allusion
- theme e.g. the way/s in which this passage speaks to the novel’s wider concerns
The Color Purple (2014 Orion edition), pp. 238-242 (“But finally, the end come to Sofia and Miss Eleanor Jane…” to “…a little water stand in her eyes.”) – this is my chosen narrative/passage.
Focus your analysis on the passage at hand, but think too about how the literary features it exhibits may create effects that reinforce those of the novel as a whole.
This assessment is designed to test your ability to closely analyse a narrative moment – to pay attention to the building blocks of a novel. As you set about it, think: What is the writer doing in this passage, and what writerly tools does she use to achieve her aims?
The only resource you need is the book.


Close Analysis of “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker
“The Color Purple” is a novel that focuses on the main character Celie and her sister Nettie. The novel revolves around mistreatment of people belonging to certain gender and races throughout the 1940s as the main theme. Other characters who contribute to the development of the thematic issues in the novel include Celie’s husband, stepfather, and lover called Shug. The main character Celie (a young black girl) receives physical, verbal, and emotional abuse from her stepfather. She is born in the context of abject poverty and segregation. The novel reveals Celie’s struggles when she is stuck in clutches of the stepfather who rapes her repeatedly. However, she becomes her person and earns her independence after the struggle. This paper analyses a passage on the novel: “But finally, the end comes to Sofia and Miss Eleanor Jane…” to “…a little water stands in her eyes” (Walker 238-242). The passage imitates critical issues that the novel displays and presents some of the rhetoric and literary devices used in different settings and plots of the novel, which depicts sadness and adversities experienced by the protagonists. The analysis mainly revolves around the narrative voice and language choice: figurative languages such as symbols and metaphors, and themes in which the passage mirrors the novel’s wider concerns.

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