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Ethics: Is It Ethical To Conduct Cosmetics Tests On Animals? (Essay Sample)


The sample was about explaining whether it is ethical to conduct cosmetics tests on animals. The paper shows how unethical the tests are using ethics theories. It also gives views of those who support the tests and showed how wrong they are.


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Tests conducted on animals are inhumane and unethical since they are living creatures with rights just like people. Even though testing the cosmetics on the rabbits will determine the irritancy levels of cosmetics on people's eyes, it is wrong, unethical, painful and harmful. Human beings cause pain on the rabbits through injecting substantial amounts of cosmetics into their eyes without any form of consent. Deontology in the ethical theory states that people should perform actions for which they can be accountable. While it is unethical to use rabbits for human satisfaction, in animal testing rabbits are used as means that are justified by the results. In care ethics, right or wrong actions get determined by the level of concern people show for others and in this case the rabbits are used to satisfy

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