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The Influence And The Power Of Gothic Culture: Jack The Slayer (Essay Sample)


The instructions required writing a gothic paper that uses the Frankenstein and the dark soul of the night concepts.

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date The Power of Gothic: Jack the Slayer It was one evening when the dark was creeping the mountain region like a snail but surely that it will reign the coming hours. As for Jack, it was time to prepare dinner as he waits for his father to arrive from the town down the ridge. It was his father’s norm to come home late in the late at night drunk when animals’ howls are endless, and the trees have turned into daunting silhouettes. Jack had become accustomed to it, especially, after knowing that any cry for the old timer to change will yield no peace in the house. And like any other night, Jack was only interested in doing what is acceptable in his father’s house, including cooking and doing laundry. After a long conversation with himself in the kitchen, Jack was finally done with the cooking. He heads to the couch to watch TV and perhaps wait for the old man. Unlike other nights, the old man was heard ringing the doorbell early. Like all other nights, however, the old-timer was drunk, staggering, and weak. Jack went straight to answer the door and maybe assist his father to his rocking chair. “Why do you put door chain locked this early, huh?” The old man asked upon seeing Jack approach. Jack went for his father’s hand as a gesture to help him only to receive hard and hurtful push against the side wall. “Answer my question first, young man. Why do you lock me outside so early all nights?” “It is already dark outside, father” Jack answered in pain, as he felt the pain on his side of the head where a lump was already forming. He felt the anger creep inside him but walked to the kitchen for a bag of ice to cool his pain. His father went to the locker and relaxed there with his pack of bottles brought from town. He sat down and opened one, took a sip and head to the kitchen. At this time, Jack’s tears were rolling down his cheeks as pain and anger continued to rise. He, however, managed to pretend he is alright when the old man entered the kitchen. The old man was staggering, and his hands were shaking in weakness as he lifted a plate to serve himself some food. By accident, the plate fell and shattered on the floor. “Oops! Collect those pieces son” He said to Jack who obediently kneeled to do so. Then he remembered the night he collected the pieces of broken plates and mugs, the night his mother died. He felt his teeth and fists clenching as overwhelming anger and fear began to interrupt his breath and self-control. On the night his mother died, Jack was watching TV, but the noise of his mother and father’s arguments and cursing dominated his ears. Then suddenly a quiet atmosphere filled the house for a moment followed by his father’s cry. He ran straight to the kitchen only to find his mother lying helpless on the floor and blood gushing out from her neck. His father had reached the kitchen knife and slit his wife’s throat in the manner of a butcher on an aggressive bull. In jack’s life, that was the dark night of the soul; the night one loses the meaning and purpose of life at the loss of the dearest person (Moore 2). Jacks mother was not only the provider but also a protector. As a result, everything about his father changed entirely, but he chose to keep the peace. However, Jack was no more an innocent soul. Notably, on this night that he felt so different that range was already accumulating in him close enough to exploding and destroying everything around him. He felt his anger and desire for violence against this evil man, his father, transcend from hell to purgatory and...
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