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Timed Writing Reflection Essay Grammar, Vocabulary And Some Mistakes (Essay Sample)


Write an essay within the given time reflecting on the in-class timed essays you have done so far.


Timed Writing Reflection Essay
As the course ends, I have realized that I have improved a lot in writing. My grammar and vocabulary have improved. However, there are a few things that I still need to improve and work on to realize better writing skills. The in-class timed essays have been a great lesson in teaching me the importance of speed and being articulate. The more in-class timed writing essays I did, the fewer mistakes I made.
After going through all the timed essays, I noticed my greatest challenge and mistakes still lie in grammar. Verb tense, spelling and verb form were the most affected areas. English grammar has a more complex structure than the Chinese does. I always forget to change my tenses to match the time of an action. English also encompasses irregular verbs. With this, I have not mastered them quite well. I need to practice the verb tense and master the different verb forms. I should most importantly learn

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