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Water Shortage in Israel Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


water shortage in Israel


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Shortage of Water in Israel
Introduction and Problem Cause
Water is a national resource to any nation of utmost importance. Water is essential to ensure people's life quality and wellness are thriving, and sustain the rural-agricultural sector. For years, Israel has suffered from a chronic water shortage. The water shortage situation has worsened into a crisis, which is so severe that it will be difficult to supply adequate water to household and municipal water requirements in the next summer. The current deficit in the renewable resources of water amounts to about 2 billion cubic meters, equal to its annual water consumption. This deficit has also resulted in the qualitative deterioration of aquifer water sources that are portable.
The causes of this water crisis in Israel are both human-made and natural factors. Israel has faced consecutively four years of drought. There has been overutilization of renewable sources of water due to the increasing demand for water due to the rise of living standards and population growth. The state lacked actions and water policies facing water shortage, contributing to the situation's worsening.
The water crisis in Israel is controlled by the location and availability of water resources affected by geopolitics and climate change. Climate change is a universal crisis and accepted globally. People are currently becoming more aware of climate change's adverse effects on water resources; the temperatures are controlled by solar radiation, which keeps fluctuating and impacts the environment. Also, human activities and natural occurrences have adverse effects on the climate. Some geographical regions experience wetter, and colder winters than other areas, and other areas have less precipitation and increased temperatures (Bull, 20111). Israel is among the nations experiencing reduced precipitation, like rainfall, which has resulted in drought and water scarcity. Currently, a former fertile land, Israel is experiencing a water shortage. Sustenance of water resources has turned to be Israel's top priority.

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