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Zen Buddhism-Lessons Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Zen Buddhism"
Watching the video in the link provided, and answering the following: "How does this particular video representation teach me about things either not represented in Mary Pat Fisher's text ?


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"Zen Buddhism" Lessons
“Zen Buddhism” documentary discusses several lessons about the religion not represented in Mary Pat Fisher’s text. More specifically, the film contains visual illustrations of Zen religious norms practiced predominantly in Japan. The illustrations in the documentary embrace all kinds of Zen practice, unlike Mary Pat Fisher’s book that features mainly its historical perspective and modern theoretical framework. For example, at the beginning part of the documentary, it takes the viewer through the different postures most suitable for achieving absolute oneness with nature. The documentary teaches me about Zen’s physical postures, application of its principles in life, its influence of the world, how it relates to other world religions, and its potent power to enlighten a person in a manner not represented in Fisher's text.
Mary Pat Fisher’s text describes a general sitting position for Zen meditation. Furthermore, it only provides a few details about mastering the sitting position that least distracts the mind. However, the documentary features many Zen masters guiding the viewer on different techniques that effectively help them to identify the most effective posture. Mastering the art of sitting, according to Fisher, holds the key that unlocks one’s imperturbability of their natural identity; Zen’s main goal. This means that the better one becomes at skillfully maintaining their posture during meditation, the more positive the results they achieve from the process. Compared to Fisher's text, “Zen Documentary” offers detailed illustrated explanations of Zen’s meditation posture with more clarity.

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