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Class room Research project Health, Medicine, Nursing Essay (Essay Sample)


I was designing a research proposal for a class project, using specific study designs.


The study designs that could be used in this research are two; cross sectional study and prospective observation study. The latter is however more suited in this case because it enables the researchers to focus on a specific group of people (cohort), it enables the researcher to collect specific data and also ensures that all fields of interest are covered. The only disadvantage is that the study takes more time than when using the cross sectional study design. However since the results of this research should depict the current issues affecting the waiting time in hours, the time consumed is worth it
In this study, two types of data are required. These are quantitative and qualitative data. Examples of qualitative data include, factors affecting the long waiting hours, the particular condition a patient is suffering from, the departments visited, the type of tests carried out on them among others. Quantitative data includes; the actual waiting time in hours, the average time the patients feel is justifiable, the percentage satisfaction rate among the patients, the number of hospital visits, the number of tests undertake while at the hospital among others. The data type then directs the collection method to be used.
The forms of data collection that should be used are; interviewing, questionnaire filling and collection from recorded sources. The questionnaire should have two parts; part A that is filled on immediately on entrance to the emergency department and part B that is filed once a patient has been cleared to leave the Emergency department.

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