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China Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution History Essay (Essay Sample)




A history of China’s Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution
People speak of culture tradition and norms as a factor of relation that brings people together. Culture is a way of life depicting the general customs and beliefs of a particular group of individuals. The great proletarian Cultural Revolution represents the cultural and political environment the Chinese lived. The Cultural Revolution comprised of a radical lifestyle characterized by military rule, terrorism purges, and a poisoned education system. The Chinese society fell under a dictatorship, ideas and words were a threat to the nation. The paper discusses the historical setting, the process and the effects of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution.
The Cultural Revolution has roots dating back in 1958 to 1961 during the Great Leap Forward. The great leap forward targeted to transform the agrarian country from into an industrialized socialist nation (Min 76). The great leap forward system failed leading to food shortage and famine. The failure was a wakeup call to Mao that gave birth to the great Cultural Revolution. Dik assert that the beginning of the great proletarian Cultural Revolution dated back to May 16, 1966 (134). Mao, the chairperson of the communist party, suggested the indictment against his political foes. The aim was to renew the spirit of the Chinese Revolution. Mao’s real reason for Cultural Revolution was to eliminate were education and religion threats to Mao Zedong Thought.
The idea of Mao Zedong about a great cultural revolution needed a political charge to reach the masses. Min stated that Mao believed the spirit of communist revolution had to be a continuous process (114). Mao appealed to the supporters of the communist party to join the Cultural Revolution. The call landed on the students, who formed corps called red guards. The red guards punished counter-revolutionary persons, invaded Buddhist temples and churches. Mao saw the revolution as a way of reinvigorating the communist ideologies and weeding out opponents (Dik 176). The characters that aid moa in the revolution include; the wife Jiang Qing, Defense Minister Lin Biao, Mao’s assistant Chen Boda, and Premier Zhou Enlai.

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