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Technological changes in industry History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


the say focused on industrial revolution between the year 1870 to 1914


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Aspects of dramatic changes from the year 1870 to 1914
Many technological transformations took place from 1870 to 1914. It was a result of the early industrial revolution, which began in Britain and later spread to North America and Western Europe (Engelman 140). Since the first industrial uprising and the power-driven machinery, the second industrial revolution proved to be more improved not only in political and social reforms but also in technological inventions. The second industrial revolution became an essential instrument in world formation. The essay will address changes made during the period of dramatic changes in chapter 23; shift in technological practices, technological leadership, and labor politics.
Technological changes in science and technology have led to change in today's society. These technologies were of significance in the consumption of electricity, combustion of engine internally, and communication technologies such as radios and telegraph, which developed communication, innovative constituents such as metals and chemicals also developed (Engelman 200). The new industries were more productive, more extensive, cheaper, and more efficient than industries that existed before.

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