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Race, Racism and Race Relations from Botham Jean’s Murder on September 2018 (Essay Sample)


THIS PAPER IS TO SHOW HOW THE CONCEPTS OF Race, Racism and Race RelatES from Botham Jean’s Murder on September 2018


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Race, Racism and Race Relations from Botham Jean's Murder in September 2018
The trial process of Amber Guyger following the shooting incident in which she shot dead an African American, Botham Jean provides intriguing revelation regarding the understanding of the concepts of race, racial relations and racism (Pops., 23). The events that occurred during the trial and immediately after the verdict shows how the understanding of these concepts have changed over time in American society. Racism, a prejudice or simply a form of discrimination based on the premise that someone's race is superior to the other, exists in different forms and was well demonstrated in the case of Botham Jean's and Guyger’s shooting incident. These are explained as follows.

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