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Reflection Paper on American History History Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a reflection paper based on your course interaction with american history. make reference to primary sources you have encountered in your study


A Reflection on American History
I have had tremendous pleasure in learning American history. In my learning, I have noted that this history is significantly hinged on the advocacy for liberty (which is often used interchangeably with freedom) for the American people. It is no wonder that the country is commonly associated with the expansive freedom enjoyed by its citizens.
I have noted that freedom is the most valued aspect of the American people. Freedom/liberty was listed as one of the principal indisputable human rights at the declaration of independence. This fact has almost always been referred to whenever any American feels that their freedom is being infringed. President Obama’s ‘A More Perfect Union’ speech is an example of this (Frank). In the address which majorly focused on tolerance among the diverse American population, the president referred to the importance of liberty as outlined by the founders over 221 years back. Freedom is also a common feature in the various wars in which the US has been involved. The Civil War targeted to give rise to freedom. The four freedoms were the target of World War II while the Cold war sought defended the Free world. This knowledge has changed how I look at liberty. I understand the need not to take the freedom that I enjoy for granted as a lot of blood and sweat have been lost to afford us what we enjoy today. Although freedom is a humankind right, globalization has made me realize that Americans enjoy more freedom than anywhere else in the world, no wonder the US has often been called the cradle of liberty. This makes the country an example to many nations that want to follow suit.

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