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Socialism: History Repeats Itself (Essay Sample)


Socialism: History Repeats Itself


Socialism: History Repeats Itself
Socialism is a concept that has recurred in the United States history and politics. It is a quest for individuals to realize equality in economic, social, and human rights initiatives. The goal is to ensure that all people gave guaranteed education, health care, living wages, and employment. Through the movement, activists have been proactive in advocating for addressing issues related to racism, misogyny, colonization, and homophobia. Another intention of the socialists in America is to establish strong immigration and foreign policy structures that disregard past experiences, particular violence, and injustices against minorities. The issue has emerged several times in American history, with the recent killing of George Floyd sparking protests to fights against police abuse of African American rights. Issues of homosexuality, Islamophobia, and other challenges have also contributed to the emergence of socialism in America.
Identified Works
In an article published in the Wall Street Journal, Freeman (2020) argued that socialism is a disaster. It is an issue that has emerged several times in American history. In Tootle, there are aspects of socialism that can be demonstrated from the story. While the book is shaped as a text for young people, it presents propaganda that promotes the idea of socialism, the pursuit of equal opportunities for every person despite their racial background and affiliation (Crampton). The baby train is named Tootle and given human traits and takes classes for the red flags that take place when staying on the rails. Although there are established rules to follow on the rails, Tootle takes romps away from the rails into the meadows. The residents in the two realize that Tootle is not following the established rules, which mandates staying on the rails. Therefore, they get together to teach him, demanding that Tootle does what he is expected to do and stay on the straight and narrow.
The concept of socialism is presented through the behavior and attitudes of the people when Tootle goes on a romp in the meadows. This implies that he disregards the established rules and guidelines related to society. When he fails to follow the rules, he harms the justice and rights of other people (Crampton). Therefore, the coming together of the people is intended to fight against the rights of all people. As the story closes, we can see that Tootle is able to follow the rules and is advocating for other trains to do the same. This is related to the development and acquisition of socialist values in America. As more people understand the fundamental rights of every person, they start becoming conscious and are able to advocate for the rights of minorities. This is seen through the activism against homophobia and racial injustices.
Another text that presents the issue of socialism is the farewell address by President Ronald Reagan. Through the text, he presents a vivid description of what he perceived about America. The concept of America being a city "teeming with people of all kinds living in harmony and peace" affirms the concept of socialism through the text (Reagan). All the doors of opportunities within America were open to all people. He addressed the nation with optimism, establishing a tone for a socialist future where all people would feel included in the governance of America. Although he acknowledged that American had grown in diverse ways, he claimed there were never sufficient efforts to strengthen the established structures and equality for all people. In Tootle, we can see the residents coming together to teach Tootle how to follow the rules. On the other hand, Ronald Reagan asks whether people were "doing a good-enough job teaching our children what America is and what she represents in the long history of the world" (Reagan). In the contemporary teaching about patriotism, there was an emphasis on activism instead of teaching individuals about the aspect of law, liberty, and self-government.
The current American society has a seen a resurgence of socialist activism, as groups with common interests protest to fight for their rights. This has forced the government to enhance the quest for social equity in different areas, such as education, health care, and employment. He believed the ideals of equality must be handed down to all children, which affirms a socialist perspective in his arguments and quest for equity. Ronald Reagan is regarded as the first Republican socialist, and his wealth transfer across different classes was massive. Through his policies, he redistributed wealth and enhanced equality across American classes. The approach, as revealed through his farewell address, was to destroy capitalist monopolies and enhance equality on wealth access to all people (Reagan). He recalls the past and highlights important aspects that enhanced freedom and equality in America.
Historical Events and Developments
Bernie Sanders is one of the most prominent socialists in America today. Socialism is a movement that has a long history in the United States. After the financial crisis of 2008, many socialists were elected to office in different ranks. The contemporary socialists support programs funded through taxpayers, including the Medicare for All initiative. In the wake of Bernie Sanders’ popularity, it is evident that American socialism is on the rise again. When we consider history, we can see that the 19th century has been a period of many changes across America. The per capita wealth has grown, although the wealth distribution pattern is uneven (Spartacus Educational). This implies that there are many people living in poverty and are unable to access basic commodities.
The socialist movement started with fighting for women's rights to vote. Most of the movements that emerged during the early 1870s were the reform of political and social abuses, ensuring that individuals is emancipated from labor. Moreover, the focus was on the empowerment of women, ensuring that there had equal rights as citizens of America. The socialist movement also influenced the civil rights movement, including the abolition of capital punishment. With the rise in socialism, the emergence of trade unions and women suffragists rose (Spartacus Educational). It was the economic inequalities within the American society that led to the emergence of socialism. The Socialist Labor Party established socialism as a political movement in America.
During the First World War, many socialists in America opposed American engagement. This is because the conflict was perceived to be influenced by imperialist ideologies. Therefore, it was against the ideals promoted by socialists in America and across the world. Many socialist politicians advocated for improved labor and employment conditions, legislation and housing, and voting rights for all people. The goals were to ensure that individuals' rights were observed and laws applied to all people unconditionally. In contemporary America, socialism c

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