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What it’s like to be a zoologist (Essay Sample)

This is a career choice essay on what it’s like to be a zoologist. I’ve included pictures of the thesis statement I have already wrote, the outline I have already wrote and the work cited page as I have already wrote. you have to write this essay based on the outline I have already wrote out. And you have to use the sources I already wrote. This needs to be three pages, not including the work cited page. it has to follow my outline identically, thank you so much ask any questions. If you need, you can find all of the stuff in the pictures I sent source..
Name Instructor Course Date What it’s like to be a zoologist A zoologist is a scientist who studies animals and their behavior. Zoologists may work in zoos, wildlife parks, aquariums, or the field. They may study a specific type of animal, like primates or amphibians or a group of birds or mammals. Zoology is a fascinating field that allows scientists to study the behavior of animals in their natural environments. Zoologists play an important role in the conservation of animal populations, and they are always in demand, traveling the world or doing research on amazing animals. Zoologists can travel and research amazing animals. Zoologists study animal behavior to learn more about animals and their natural environments. They may study how animals interact with each other, their environment, and their food sources (CareerExplorer, 2019). They also study the genetic makeup of animals in order to understand how they evolved and changed over time. This demanding nature of their work makes some zoologists participate in a field study project that takes them to places like African jungles, tropical rain forests, and locations in less travelled parts of the world. The challenges of their job involve planning and organizing field study expeditions, collecting data about the animals, and dealing with dangerous situations. Their work involves preparation for any possible safety scenarios during a field study. It can involve lengthy trips to some of the remote locations where they are working on an expedition (The reality of being a zoologist). Weather conditions may not always be ideal, but the adventurous side of zoologist allows them to appreciate having the ability to watch animals in their natural habitats. Being a zoologist requires working with conservation organizations that protect endangered species and their ecosystems. This often makes them learn about and understand different cultures. Zoologists must be able to work in teams just like other professionals such as archaeologists, foresters, and park rangers (CareerExplorer, 2019). The teamwork enables them to understand their findings better by cross-comparison. Some zoologists travel more than others, and they are required to live in environments that sometimes demand a lot of patience and tolerance. While in a research location, zoologists often have the chance to meet and interact with local guides and people of other culture in the host nations Zoologists play an important role in the conservation of animal populations. They work to protect endangered species and help ensure that animals have a safe and healthy habitat. They also work to educate the public about the importance of conserving animals and their habitats (The reality of being a zoologist). Zoologist take on several different task from conserving endangered habitats and species to writing reports and scientific papers, so there will never be dull moment. An advantage of being a zoologist is that there can be many job opportunities for those who have experience in this field. The work has many different areas related to zoos, conservation efforts, agriculture and other fields requiring a deep knowledge of animals (CareerExplorer, 2019). A zoologist can work for a zoo in the educational department, in research, or even on exhibit animals. There are research companies that employ zoologists to study things like animal behavior and how their environments affect them. There are also jobs available for teaching zoology at the college and university levels. There are wide range of fascinating careers in zoology you can go into including studying animal behaviors, working in labs or the outdoors, conducting research reports or caring for animals in zoos. Zoologists are professionals who spend much time in the field and laboratories. In the field, they must be able to walk long distances, climb trees, and navigate forest terrain. According to Wildlife & Ecology Studies Worldwide, Zoologists are expected to have knowledge and skills in animal behavior and must know how to handle animals with care when it comes to veterinary procedures. They are trained to be animal handlers and collect samples from the animals by capturing them, bringing them back, and processing them for analysis. They can work long hours, and some of their work may involve working in the rainforest or jungle conditions, especially if a field study involves working with local researchers. There is always something new to learn about animals because there are more than 1 million known species. One will be constantly finding out new, interesting information that can help in developing knowledge However, being a zoologist may sometimes be a demanding career. It is both physically and mentally damaging (Wolfe, 2021). Zoologist who work in zoos, wildlife habitats, or in natural living environment conducting animal research sometimes find themselves in dangerous situation, especially entering some of the most ferocious animals. Whether a zoologist is working in animal habitats or researching the disease and health-related issues, zoologists frequently encounter and witness dying and dead animals (Zoonotic Disease). They may have to deal with situations that make them nervous, such as euthanizing wounded or dead animals. Whether they work in animal habitat or conduct resea...
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