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Differences Between Autocratic and Authoritative Leadership Styles (Essay Sample)


The above essay is about the differences between autocratic and authoritative leadership styles. The essay discusses how autocratic leadership is characterized by the leader making all the decisions without consulting the team, and how it can be disorienting for team members and not a good solution for long-term problems. The essay also describes how authoritative leadership involves the leader setting goals and showing the way forward, while also explaining decisions to the team and considering the self-interests of the followers. The essay suggests that authoritative leadership is a more effective way to express power and is better suited for long-term problem-solving in social groups.


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English Composition I
Autocratic leadership Vs. Authoritative leadership
Autocratic leadership is a style that generally obeys the leader's sayings with no questioning. The leadership style entails doing as I say, which is mainly brought about by the fact that leaders perceive that they are smart and better than the rest of the team. This gives them the power to make all the decisions without consultation from the rest of the team members. The ancient rulers commonly used the style, but it does not mean that the style was all bad. The style might be applicable in certain situations where there is a need for a crucial and impromptu decision; the leader is then assumed to have all the knowledge. On the other hand, Authoritative leadership is deemed visionary leadership since it applies the law of following me. The leaders in this type of Authoritative style are characterized by self-belief, and they design the way and set the goals, and as they do so, they incentivize followers in the process. When people are unsure of the best cause of action, the leaders open their eyes with insight into what will happen if various actions are taken. In authoritative leadership, the leaders explain their decisions to their subjects and don't just call in orders; this gives people the chance to decide how to attain the general objective, thus making authoritative leadership the best style of imposing powers upon 

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