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Employer drug testing programs (Essay Sample)

The task was to define and discuss the pros and cons of employer drug testing programs. The essay covers the advantages and the disadvantages that these drug testing programs present for both the employer and employee and also how they affect job seekers decisions on whether or not to join organizations that have drug testing programs. source..
Everlyne Mwaisaka Writer Bay 05/01/2023 The pros and Cons of employer drug testing programs There have been numerous debates for and against employer drug testing programs for both new recruits and old employees. Most are designed to detect drug and alcohol abuse, and drug dependency like painkillers amongst employees. These tests are conducted in the interest of both the employer and the employee and have their pros and cons. Their advantages include. 1 They keep the employees safe at the work place from accidents caused by intoxicated or inhibited employees and from other drug like related incidents like abuse and assault. This helps build morale and enable employer to attract and retain talented employers. 2 Employees who care about their careers and jobs, working for these organizations will endeavor to keep clean from drugs for fear of losing their jobs and livelihoods. 3 The tests also act as a cost saving measure for the employer, medical reduction in staff healthcare expenses, legal costs and liability and settlement costs for accident cases, they also minimize the rate of sick off days, theft by employees and keeping of poor or nonproductive employees. Employer drug testing programs have their cons and disadvantages both the employer and to the employee such as: 1 Employer drug testing is a done at the cost of the employer and such an expense depending with the number of employees involved can be huge. Other expenses also arise with these tests employees dismissed for use of drugs at the work place will often go to court seeking reinstating or compensation for unfair dismissal. 2 Drug testing infringes on the employee’s privacy and rights as they are not optional and this has led to job seekers shunning or avoiding institutions that have drug testing programs. 3 One common drug cannabis also poses a major challenge, especiall...
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