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Identifying the Role of Environmental Laws on Promoting a Cleaner Environment (Essay Sample)


the essay sought to discuss the importance of environmental laws in ensuring a clean environment. The topic tested the writer's knowledge of environmental management, mastery of english langauge, formatting of essays, components of a typical essay, formatting an essay in mla style, writing an introduction, developing a thesis statement, writing a standard paragraph, using citations, correct referencing, articulating a conclusion paragraph, and organizing ideas in a readable and coherent manner


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Do Environmental Laws Really Promote a Cleaner Environment?
Environmental laws are necessary tools for bolstering environmental cleanliness. Apparently, nearly every state in the world has national environmental regulations that provide the legal framework for environmental protection and conservation. This means that people acknowledge environmental laws for their indispensable role in fostering environmentally safe human practices. Environmental laws promote a cleaner environment: when enforced appropriately, they minimize human activities that pollute the environment.

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