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Organizational Behavior Management Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Organizational Behavior
Your task is to find three (3) news articles that are examples of the above. You might find them at corporate websites or from news sites such as CNN and Yahoo! News; Flipboard – it’s totally up to you. You may also draw on hard-copy sources such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Fortune magazine. I receive articles from Forbes and often, there are articles with OB content. The articles you come up with may relate to any aspect of the course we have covered up to the point the assignment is due.
• Articles from the textbook cannot be used for this assignment UNLESS the article has a different application focus than the one in the textbook.
(Please do not use research articles because they are just adding more content to concepts vs pushing real-world application.)
3. PLEASE DO NOT COUNT PARAGRAPHS OR NUMBER OF WORDS as a baseline for what your final deliverable should consist of.
Use as many words as needed to fully exploit all the OB concepts you see in the article. The concepts typically are NOT called out by name but are discerned from your understanding about what is happening; the factors/causes driving the outcomes or issues noted in the article. Use your understanding of OB to put a name to the factor(s) influencing what is happening in the company as represented in the article.
a) The first paragraph describes the situation that is the driving force for the article. What is happening? Issues, actions and reactions? Who are the key players (if appropriate)? Why do you believe there is OB content in this article?
b) The second and more important paragraph) identifies specifically how OB course concepts relate to the events and actions of key players/dynamics in the article. This analysis must demonstrate that you have given the issues in question some serious thought and correlation to OB. It is possible that a submission could be rejected for further development if it is too superficial.
c) Bottom line: Don’t count words or sentences! Give me a cogent, relevant, insightful write-up about the article and how it is relevant to OB.
4. These two parts of the assignment should be numbered (1) and (2) so I will know where your description of the article context ends and your application to course concepts begins.
5. You must also include a link to article that you are writing about. Please pay attention to the “Safe Assign” percentages. A match of 20% or higher typically is the threshold for plagiarism. (Please read UML plagiarism policy.)
6. You must hand in ALL 3 to get the 20% included in your final grade.
Please Note: Due dates may change based on how quickly we are progressing through new material in class.


Review of “LinkedIn Now Has a Newsroom of 65 Journalists. It's Hiring More”
Successful businesses rely on models of organizational behavior which entails understanding how people act in a company and what triggers them to behave that way. Modern multinational corporations attract and retain the best employees by sourcing for skilled people, training, and tuning their qualifications to suit the needs of the companies. Organizational behavior encourages leadership, enhances innovation, improves job performance, and increases job satisfaction.
1. LinkedIn recently restructured its approach to providing business-related news to the readers on its tech platform. The company commands the attention of more than 600 million recruiters and job seekers. LinkedIn also allows people to network, grow, and hone their professional portfolio. In an interview with CNN Business, Dan Roth, LinkedIn's chief editor, spoke about the inspiration that individuals obtain from the firm’s curated news feed and newsletters. Roth’s aspiration envisioned the company as the ‘perfect utility for professionals’ (Flynn). LinkedIn has more than 60 journalists and plans to hire more to aid enhanced conversations on the platform. The company now has a news editorial room that develops content for a single community rather than advancing ideas targeting everyone. The transformation focuses on human resources, which is an essential aspect of organizational behavior. The professionalism-oriented firm aims to serve the missions of its audience by involving journalists and editors in the generation of trending topics as opposed to relying on algorithms

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