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Purpose of Training and Development and Targets of Organizational Change (Essay Sample)


Answer these two questions directly: 1. How do training and development interact with other human resource management functions? What is the strategic purpose of training and development? 2. What are the major targets of organizational change, and why is it important to identify the right targets?
Use Stouten, Jeroen, et al. (2018) Successful organizational change: Integrating the management practice and scholarly literatures.


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HRM - Questions and Answers
1. How do training and development interact with other human resource management functions? What is the strategic purpose of training and development?
Training and development form an integral part of the human resource development activity. Through training and development opportunities, employees improve or develop additional competency or skills for improved performance and get the chance to grow personally and professionally. The Human resource department coordinates training and development by performing a thorough needs analysis, planning activities, and determining the target competencies. The designed programs consider individual and organizational goals following a training need analysis and training calendars to implement them. HR can develop programs that strengthen individual employees' skill sets once they recognize them. The strategic purpose of these training and development programs centers on employers identifying the skills and knowledge

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