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Situational Leadership Model (Essay Sample)


Topic: Situational Leadership Model
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some of the REFERENCES you can use are
Eliyana, Anis, and Syamsul Ma’arif. "Job satisfaction and organizational commitment effect in the transformational leadership towards employee performance." European Research on Management and Business Economics 25.3 (2019): 144-150.
Ghazzawi, Khalil, R. El Shoughari, and B. El Osta. "Situational leadership and its effectiveness in rising employee productivity: A study on north Lebanon organization." Human Resource Management Research 7.3 (2017): 102-110.


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Situational Leadership Model
Essentially, there is no single leadership style that cuts across all situations and circumstances. This implies that leaders should readily adjust their approaches to followers based on respective commitment and competence levels. According to situational leadership theory, effective leadership should change depending on the environment (Thompson et al. 3). In Blanchard and Hersey’s situational leader model, there are four levels of follower maturity. They include low competence and low commitment, low competence, but high commitment, high competence, but low commitment and confidence, and high competence and high commitment and confidence.
Primarily, leaders should work with any employee regardless of maturity by applying appropriate approach. In the Blanchard and Hersey’s situational leader model, low competence, but high commitment followers calls for selling approach (Thompson et al. 5). Based on the selling approach, leaders are decision-makers, but have to work and communicate with respective employees through persuasion thank simply offering direction. As a leader I will readily adjust to work with an employee with high level of commitment but low level of competence. I will simply apply the selling approach to my employee (Eliyana et al. 147). This means I will able to define and communicate the role and responsibility of the new employee. The definition will help the employee to know of is expected in the new job position.
As a leader, I will readily coach the new employees on the basics of the company such as products and services, objectives, and goals. The training scope will then be expanded to include what is expected on the employee at the end of training and specified periods with the organization (Ghazzawi et al. 104). Notably, commitment is of the most essential aspect of teachable employee. Therefore, through commitment I will not only encourage the employee to love the job but also sacrifice to effectively executive assigned role and duties. I will work hand in hand with the employee on to gain on job skills and experience (Eliyana et al. 145). I will encourage the employee to learn and apply through giving relevant work example. For instance, reporting time, making courtesy calls, organizing for meetings, how to consult with colleagues and supervisors, and researching relevant information online.
As a leader I will employ emotional intelligence. The adjust will enable me readily understand the follower’s fears and emotions thus offering emotional strength (Ghazzawi et al. 102). I will also be able to understand the moods of the employee, helping in realizing goals of the attached responsibilities. Moreover, I will need to insightful to understand the needs of the follower. This means that a leader, I will be able to identify areas and levels of weaknesses thus launching effective training and mentorship (Thompson et al. 9). For instance, some employees may say they are computer illiterate but maybe they only have specific challenges like working with Excel, Outlook, or Word but can browse and type.

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