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The Concept of Happiness Assignment. Psychology Essay. (Essay Sample)


The Concept of Happiness


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The Concept of Happiness
Happiness is no doubt a desirable state of being. The question is not whether it is a desirable thing but also how to remain happy most of the time we have here on planet earth. According to Aristotle, pleasure alone cannot constitute happiness (Wielander, n.d.). To be happy one must channel desires in ways that are appropriate to our nature as rational beings. Having a good moral character for one is a start in achieving the goal of life satisfaction. Thinking or intentions are not enough; one must do the right thing.
Happiness could refer to a person’s good feelings, emotions, or moods. Recent research indicates that an individual is happiest when well-paid, optimistic, educated, young, and healthy. Around the globe, most people either belong or are connected to a religious group. In particular, Buddhists, Roman Catholics, and Protestants are happier compared to other religious groups. Leisure time, friends, and family are also necessary in increasing the happiness levels.
Happiness is desirable for itself and never for the sake of something else. Happiness is a goal. As the Greek word "Eudemonia" means, it is the end goal that encompasses the totality of life. As a human being, have you lived up to your full potential?
According to Sara Ahmed, we are all in the pursuit of happiness (Ahmed, 2010). By experiencing pleasure, things become good for us over time. If something affects you positively, say an object of consciousness, then it is good for you making it a nature of enjoyment.
Our attachment to physical things may bring us happiness when we have intimate contact with them. For example, when grapes are on season one might recall that they were delightful and hence they were the reason for temporary enjoyment.
Happiness defines the world around us In that people tend to keep around what they like and tend to disregard what they do not like. This "horizon of likes" may be what defines us and may prevent us from going to what we do not like.
Attachment to certain identities may be the reason for unhappiness. These identities threaten to affect the harmonious nature of the social order. It is therefore our moral obligation to restore the social order In order to ensure a happy family, community, state, or nation.
According to Richard, the extent to which people are enjoying life may be used to measure human progress. Therefore, finding ways to measure happiness is crucial. Also, governments should create the right conditions for the people so that they explore happiness in their daily lives (Layard, 2011).
Generally, there are six main determinants of happiness. They are; generosity, GDP per capita, healthy life expectancy, absence of corruption, social freedom, and social support. Happier people are more likely to participate in elections and more likely to vote for serving parties. Furthermore, there is a link between happiness and prosocial behavior. Also, people who give and get to see how their generosity has made 1an impact tends to be happy.

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