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Plato's republic Psychology Essay Research Paper Term Paper (Essay Sample)


Plato’s republic philosophy in the modern government context


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Plato’s republic philosophy in the modern government context
Plato’s Republic consists of a dialogue between Socrates and other Athenians who are discussing the idea of living justly or unjustly. The dialogue mainly revolves around various ways through which people should live by justice. Socrates, who is the main actor, responds to the discussions as corrects the participants in the dialogue about how people should live. The main factor which Socrates highlights how people and the authority should be governed by law. These factors apply to societies and human lives up to today. People have their own obligation, which they should fulfill as well as the leaders and as the ones governed. The society without good application of law by the leaders has its people suffer a lot. The essay will outline how society has an obligation to adhere to the teachings of Plato on living just and the methods which it will align itself to be a just government.

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