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Beyond Fundamentalism, Americans Society Faces Globalization (Essay Sample)


Writing a 2 page essay on the assigned topic "beyond fundamentalism" with reference to a given text.


Reza Aslan embarks on an interesting journey to explore the serious implications that the Americans society faces in regards to globalization. While on one hand, a great deal of communication efficiency, diversity and interconnectedness create a world like no other, on the other hand, he highlights the tragedy that has been realized through global terrorism. In his paper he explores several key themes, among them the fundamentalism of Judaism and Jihad (Aslan, p.12). He explores the so-called cosmic warfare between Muslims, Jews and Christians, highlighting some of the challenges that key issues that have brought about the long lasting feud between the three religious groups.
Another crucial theme explored in the book is that of Jewish zealotry in which the author traces the journey of Jews through the ages. From the Roman Empire through to the contemporary society. In this endeavor he attempts to point to highlight the onset of the Jewish exile. Aslan borrows heavily from Jewish mythology in an attempt to support this particular line of thought (Aslan, p.24, p. 69). It is important to note the fact that according to his analysis the source of terrorism is not to be found in poverty, but rather from over emphasis on the real and perceived injustices that various religious groups have faced over the years.
The third crucial theme explored in this paper is that of Europe's Colonial past, in th

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