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Confucianism Religion: The Earth And The Human Race (Essay Sample)


3 pages essay about Confucianism Religion

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Topic: Confucianism
Confucianism is an old ideology that is sometimes termed as a religion though to some other people it does not appear to be a religion but a philosophy. It originated the Asian continent many years ago. The ideas that were expressed by Confucianism have been widely held in many parts of Asia for many years. The influence of this religion indeed did become deep rooted in many people originated around this area. Even with modernization, Confucianism still hold root. In this paper, the major building blocks of this religion will be explored in detail.
The most central feature of the Confucianism religion is the belief in the triad of heaven, the earth and the human race. Heaven is seen in Confucianism as a guiding force to human beings and the creatures on earth in general. In this religion, the universe is seen to be something that is connected up together to form a whole functional unit. Everything is believed to cause and effect on the others whenever it performs any action. Therefore reality is in general viewed to be interconnected even in the day to day life of human beings (Hoobler and Hoobler). Any action that any human being performs shows a reflection i.e. affects the other members or even the whole universe as whole. Therefore people are called upon to be accountable for their actions.
The concept of interconnected elements that together make yup the universe as found in Confucianism brings up the belief that there is no central creator in the universe. The central creator hear refers to the creator that is mainly referred to by several other religions as God. The Confucianism religion does not concern itself with theories that are meant to explain the origin of the earth and human beings or even the understanding of some all-powerful God (Yao). It contrasts itself from the rest of the world religions in that its concern is only on the present reality that is created by the universe which is interconnected such that actions of one element of the whole can affect the rest in either a positive or negative manner.
It is believed that for the universe to be interconnected into one block there exists a force that acts a unifying factor for all the components that make up the universe. This force is believed to be responsible for life and all the changes that are observed in the universe. The ability of human beings, plants and animals to reproduce and continue the existence of their species on the planet is seen by this religion to be an inherent property of the creativity expressed by nature. This is as well said to be an extrapolation of the continuous random movement of nature. An understanding is as well create from this concept, that it is through change that life and its complexity is able to continue existing on the planet. In addition to this, the process of transformation is viewed as a way by which nature exhibits its endless creativity.
In Confucianism, human beings are encouraged to model their lives in a way that synchronizes with the processes of nature. An example of this is given where a human being is expected to cultivate in a proper way not only the land for planting but also their inner selves. The process is described as one that is fragile and demands great care and precision in order not to mess up with it. The seed planted after cultivation is likened to the virtues of a human being which should be sprout by way of practice of morality.
There is practice of various processes in the Confucianism religion which are aimed at synchronizing a human to the life force. This can be seen in the practices such the martial arts, medicinal and meditation practices. A person is told to lis...
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