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The Spread Of Islam, Muslims Significantly, Prophet Muhammed (Essay Sample)


Do a paragraph about spread of islams.
Put projected global muslim with statistics between 2010-2050

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The Spread of Islam
Islam as a religion is believed to have originated in Saudi Arabia in the 7th century. Muslims significantly increased in number at a high rate after prophet Muhammed passed away through notable achievement by converting non-Muslims and conquering through Holy War. The Islamic course took advantage of political upheavals occurring outside of Arabia and other non-Muslim states(Hanegraaff, 150-200).
The reign of Christianity as the largest population in the world can be surpassed by Islam in the next five decades if the current trend continues according to a report by Pew Research Center. The current religious profile is currently changing because of some factors. These factors include fertility rate varying worldwide, many people changing religion and young population increasing in vast faiths. Christianity was the largest faith in 2010 with a relative 31% of the population seconded by Islam with 23%. However, the number of Muslims is escalating at a high rate and is thought to reach 30% come 2050. The growth in their number is accelerated by the number of youth in the religion who are highly fertile and who are projected to increase by 73%.
Muslim as a religion is projected to increase up to 10.2% in 2050 from 5.9% that was recorded in 2010 in Europe. Muslims have concentrated in Africa and the Middle East the continents that witnesses the highest population growth. Therefore,Muslims will grow faster than members of other religious groups in the regions. The same holds for other countries where many Muslims live. For instance, in India Muslim is projected to increase from 14.9% to 19.4% come 2050. In Nigeria, Muslims are projected to rise 60.5%of the total population due to the high fertility rate compared to other regions. In the US, there were approximately 3.3 million people in Islam in 2010 which was just about 1% of the total population tha...
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