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How does religion organize desire and its dangers? Religion Essay (Essay Sample)


this religion essay delves into how religion organizes desire and the strategies they use to minimize its dangers


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How does religion organize desire and its dangers?
Throughout the course of history, some researchers and scholars have attempted to recognize the primary reason in which people are attracted to or desire about religion. Some people have concluded that people seek religion as a coping mechanism towards the fear of death and to fulfil their desires or create meaning in daily life. According to Sigmund Freud (2008), he believed that religion originates from a need for oneness and claims that people believe in religion is because their ancient ancestors believed in them, fear of questioning religion and belief that religion is strengthened by proof (which Freud believes is imaginary) that is just a conjecture woven in people’s minds and retold repeatedly to seem like a true fact.
Religion originates from the feeling of susceptibility a person faces during childhood. After time, these feelings of weakness in the face of nature’s powers drives a person to develop a wish for safety. Essentially, people often use religion like an escape for the harsh mysteries and realities of the world. People are the greatest risks to society and many people are naturally opposed to the civilized community. As a consequence, the few civilised people inflicts their own will on the refractory majority.

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