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Argumentative Essay On Whether Abortion Should Be Allowed Or Not (Essay Sample)


The task was about ARGUMENTATIVE essay on whether abortion should be allowed or not


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Abortion: The Viewpoints around this Practice
Self-induced or clandestine abortions have stirred mixed reactions and debates among experts and scholars (Suranga, Silva, and Senanayake 3). The discussions revolve around the safety of the mother as well as the legality of this practice. While clandestine abortions are illegal in many societies, it should be allowed to protect the lives of the mothers and to uphold the rights to life for both the mother and the unborn child.
First, abortions induced on medical grounds safeguard the mother's lives, which sometimes may be at risk. In other words, women deserve safety and freedom from the distress of having their health endangered by the state. Occasionally, fetal pathologies may lead to other complications, which may lead to the maternal death or fetal demise (Asrat et al. 2168). The opponents of abortion forget that it is a huge loss to lose two lives in a situation where the life of the mother would have been save if abortion was allowed and accessible. In the view of Nkwabong (22), unsafe abortions lead to many deaths of women with adverse economic impacts. As long as abortion is still illegalized, medical doctors will not give the services. However, there is a risk of some women seeking the services of quack doctors, whose outcome may be devastating, with a sharp increase in maternal deaths.
For the proponents of abortion, allowing abortion imitates the moral truth that women are people who deserve the freedom to the quality of life and right to life. Asrat (2161) argue that there is reduced number abortion in societies where abortion is allowed. They further assert that nobody thinks that illegalizing abortion gets rid of it, however, if they do, then they are avoid

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