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Abortion Ethics Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Write an essay on the morality of abortion and use a relevant moral theory to find a central ground


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Abortion Ethical Dilemma
Abortion Facts
Over the last decade, the topic of abortion has become overheated as many states in the United States and other developing countries approve abortion. The number of abortions has triggered the debate on the morality of abortion, arguing on its goodness or badness. For instance, in 2017, 18 percent of pregnancies ended in abortion in the US (Guttmacher Institute). The legal acceptance of abortion in many US states have increased the number of abortions. Regardless of the varying restrictions on abortion, it is essential to note that the topic remains controversial with no specific basis concerning the moral ground to support or condemn abortion. This paper establishes the ethical dilemma concerning abortion and relates it to an ethical theory to determine the basis for acceptance or condemnation.
The Ethical Dilemma
A significant ethical dilemma exists because the anti-abortionists (pro-life) argue that abortion deprives fetuses of their future value. For example, the Christian faith, especially the Catholics, condemns abortion, arguing that life starts at contraception and must be respected and protected (Sacramento State). On the other hand, the Pro-choicer argues that killing is wrong since it tempers with an individual's desire to continue living. However, since fetuses do not have that desire, then abortion is right.

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