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Inclusitivity Social Sciences Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


transgender people and non binary inclusitivity of 'they' in the dictionary


Nonbinary and transgender people are the most discriminated genders in the world because it is exhausting to them in explaining which gender they belong to. Identification of non-binary and transgender takes the form of they/them. They/them are singular pronouns which for decades. have been used to replace he/she. People mostly assume the gender of a person through their physical appearances which is totally wrong. If a gender of a person is unknown then they/them is often used. Some individuals would prefer being addressed as either they/them. Non binary and transgender identification in the last decade has become a very sensitive issue with whether they/them singular pronouns should be officially added to the dictionary
Addition of singular they/them in the dictionary creates inclusivity of all people in the world. Gendered pronouns usually assume that a person is he/she because of their physical features. Dictionaries plays an important role in language because it is reference book. Incorporation of the pronouns they/have would impact majorly on how the word will be used and also teach people on effective measures in using if they/them. Publication and dictionaries have already included they/have, Merriam Webster dictionary has accepted and included the words (Lee). The dictionary states that “they” maybe used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is nonbinary (Schmidt). A big percentage of people may find it hard in using the pronoun “they” but its incorporation into Merriam webster dictionary simply means that’s it’s a new era for the non-binary and transgender identification

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