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Philosophy Social Sciences Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


i was to Imagine that i was part of a new nation writing a new social contract and constitution. my input was to be used to decide on the social contract/constitution. First, i Argued why i believe a central authority should or should not be created, arguing against or supporting Rousseau and Locke’s ideas in On The Social Contract and Second Treatise of Government, as to the reasons for creating a social contract.
i came up with a suggestions social contract by stating in what ways they could be of benefit to the citizens of the new nation.
i was then required to demonstrate teat the suggestion would create the greatest amount of freedom for each citizen in relation to other citizens.


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Social contracts and constitutions are becoming more significant in forming laws globally. The social contract and its composition in its pure state maintain that not even lawyers have powers to alter it except the people who contributed to its creation. Although many researchers have little respect for the constitution, it maintains its legal and general public interest. The notion depicted in many countries, on disrespecting the constitution, it is necessary for the rule of law, governance, and judicial decisions. As such, having the social contract indicates that promises are made, limits are mutually agreed to, and compel us to accept its guidelines and ought to keep them. Associating the new constitution to the governance of the nation leads to the development of a central authority to facilitate the exercise of constitutional rights.
The central authority claims to have official powers to exercise supreme rule over the nation’s territory. In this essence, powers are divided in a monarchy manner to allow leaders to hold the supremacy over the countries to provide national security and exercise diplomacy. It is advantageous to create such authority in a new nation adopting a new social contract because it will dedicated powers to specific leaders within the executive arms of the government. To this extent, they can systematically govern the people in a better way than having powers in the hands of the people. Although on the other hand, it can have other setbacks such as fewer opportunities for peoples to get involved in the government, I disagree with Locke and Rousseau who argues that individuals should have power instead of the state.

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