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Sexual Theme in Advertisement (Essay Sample)


in this essay, i Surfed the Internet to find an example of a product, service or event that is not primarily sexual in nature but employs sexual or romantic themes to sell/advertise the product/service. For example, an ad for or Trojans pretty much implies that romance and/or sex is a result of using the product. Eating chocolate or using soap feels good but doesn't realistically imply that sex and romance will follow its use. I Analyzed the use of the sexual or romantic theme in the service of sales.


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Sexual Theme in Advertisement
Contemporary consumers are exposed to more sexual themes in advertising than ever before. Generally, advertisers use romantic themes and nudity to draw consumers’ attention to specific products. For example, fashion brand Calvin Klein has been known for controversial ads featuring men and women in compromising positions. In 2016 the company ran an ad campaign, “#MyCalvins,” on Instagram, which unveiled provocative images (Bitette). Although sexual content in the ad campaign appealed to consumers, it overshadowed the essential features of Calvin Klein products the campaign promoted due to moral concerns, therefore, lessening purchase intentions.
The “#MyCalvins” ad campaign was exploitative and promoted dangerous stereotypes. One of the images featured in the ad campaign is an ‘upskirt’ photo of actress Klara Kristin which has been criticized for glamorizing sexual harassment. Calvin Klein advertisers posted the image when there has been an escalation in cases where men take pictures of women’s skirts in public spaces. Arguably, the campaign sent an impression that men can objectify women if they so wish (Bitette). Although some proponents of the ad campaign contend that it promoted a sense of autonomy, it perpetuates misogyny and rape culture.
Sexual themes in the “MyCalvins” ad campaign impeded product memories and reduced the probability of consumers purchasing the brand’s products. The sexualized pictures of models overshadowed the vital elements of the marketing efforts by allowing moral compromise (Bitette). Essentially, the provocative ad campaign left a negative image of the brand to many consumers despite grabbing their attention.
In conclusion, the sexually charged “#MyCalvins,” ad campaign effectively captivated the target audience, but the sexual conte

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