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Understanding Different Approaches to Sociology (Essay Sample)


Task Requirements:
● Word Count: 300-400
● Formatting Style: MLA (for more information click here)
● Essay Structure: Analysis
*** Any sources must be properly cited according to the formatting style assigned
Symbolic interaction, structural/functional analysis, and conflict theory are arguably the
most important and influential approaches in sociology. This task will train you in applying them
in your analysis of practical issues. Your submission will consist of two paragraphs. The
sociological problem is poverty.
In the first paragraph, you will apply EACH of the three theories to the problem and
explain its causes from three perspectives. In the second paragraph, you will choose ONE of
these three theories and show how it would solve the problem. You are required to use 1-3
sources for this assignment.


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Approaches to Sociology
Sociology studies how people interact, their social patterns and proceeds to attempt to develop theories to explain these phenomenons. From these theories, sociologists create an experimental proposition called a hypothesis. The main paradigms or theories used in sociology to explain social interactions include; structural or functional analysis theory, conflict theory, and symbolic interaction theory. They provide broad perspectives on a number o social issues and behaviors such as poverty (Islam 54). Conflict theory attempts to look at issues on a balance of scale, that is, how they affect the interactions of individuals in a social setting.
From this perspective, the level of influence and wealth can determine who takes the seat of power and; social differences brought after that. That poverty will bring social inequalities in the society because there will be a considerable gap between the rich and the poor, and this will ultimately perpetuate significant socio-economic disparities. The structural theory perspective states that each part of society functions as a unit to contribute to the common share. It means that whether you are poor or rich, your contribution to a common goal is recognized. The theory does not promote discrimination; instead, it encourages unity. In symbolic interaction, sociologists believe in one-one interactions and constant communication. It creates a bubble for conformity and harmony in society (Islam 55).

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