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Health, Medicine, Nursing
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Response Post on Statistical Research for Celiac Disease (Essay Sample)


iNSTRUCTIONS :to Create a response post for a presentation about celiac disease. Focus on statistical analysis and the technical aspects of the presentation
eSSAY TACKLED ABOUT DIFFERENT statistical testing methods. demographics and potential celiac disease patients, hOW TO USE precise sampling methods TO HAVE AN ACCURATE RESULT SINCE THERE ARE OTHER FACTORS. HOW DIFFERENT RACES are more susceptible to certain diseases. This is where statistical sampling methods may be useful.


Thank you for your comment on my presentation. I will take note of your suggestions, and I will apply them to my future presentations. There are certain graphs pertinent to the studies I presented. They can be seen from the articles themselves. The studies which show promising data and graphs are Kemppainen’s study (Kempannien et al. 2017), Vasquez-Lazlop’s (Vasquez-Lazlop and Mankin, 2018), and Sanders’ study (Dydensborg Sanders 2019). You can access them online through several journals. The titles of the studies are listed in my presentation. For your convenience, I also listed them below.
As for the statistical topics, all of the presented studies used statistical testing methods, but they vary depending on the study model used by the authors. Similar studies have used the same statistical treatments. Because of the wide range of demographics and prospective celiac disease patients, sampling methods and relationship measurements need to be executed precisely as the demographic profile of individuals has been scientifically proven to be a contributing factor to the manifestation of certain diseases. For example, people of certain races are more susceptible to certain diseases because of their genetic heritage. This is where statistical methods of sampling may come in.
Additional factors need to be related to the variable being studied, and factors such as correlation for relationships and regression for projections might be needed to be performed. Establishing the effects of certain factors on celiac disease requires statistical testing. Bittker’s study (Bittker and Bell 2019) demonstrated this necessity by determining the odds ratios of the contributions of the eight different demographic variables to the outcomes of celiac disease. In their study, the authors took note of and accounted for the participants’ ethnicity, age, sex, region, maternal information, and other conditions of the children because of the possibility o

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